Our Working Process

Search Engine Titans implement the latest online tools and tricks to strategically grow your business. We build our marketing plan keeping your business goals in our mind. Our process starts with researching and discovering your needs then we create a strategy that suits your design/ marketing needs followed by the execution of the planned marketing strategies and finally, we evaluate our performance.

Research & Discovery

We have one on one sessions with our clients to understand their vision and requirements. In this interactive initial step, we do thorough research to understand your target market and the tools to reach the ideal customers. We understand your customer’s persona, ideal keywords, best website layout,  and what sets you apart from the competition and much more. As per your needs, a plan will be formulated for the next 90 days and also for 12-month goals to achieve our target.

Strategy development

This phase is where we take action. The information gathered in the R&D phase helps in designing an actionable plan for marketing your business to the ideal and relevant target markets. We create a plan that is in line with your vision and business goals. We strategize on key design elements, targeted messaging and relevant digital marketing platforms (Google, Amazon. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Execution & Result analysis

After deciding the strategy, it is time to execute our expertise. We create a brand identity for you by-

  • Writing engaging content/blogging
  • Increasing your visibility through search engine optimization
  • Google Pay Per Click Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production

Once we are done with the execution phase, we evaluate our performance by analyzing the key performance indicators (KPI’s) and measuring campaign success. We review and make the required changes to increase campaign performance.