PPC Paid Advertising

PPC advertising is like putting an advertisement for your business in the newspaper or magazines but now we do it online. It is the most cost-effective channel to position your brand at the top on the google result page, way above your competitors.

An online search shows two types of results: organic which we can target with our SEO services and PPC ads for Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Linked IN. PPC ads are always at the top of the organic results. Since we cannot always control where the organic ranking fall on the google result page and SEO is a slow process, PPC ads are the surest way to position your brand at the top.

PPC campaign helps in:

  • Positioning your brand at the top to increase the online exposure
  • Targeting the ideal audience as per your requirements and budget
  • Analyzing web traffic to further understand your audience behaviors and patterns.
  • You pay when someone clicks on your ad and the potential customer reaches the landing page

Here at SET, we design a PPC campaign that matches your advertising goals within your desired budget. With PPC your investment only targets already interested customers making its the most important element of your budget to convert curious shoppers to loyal customers.

Troubles with existing PPC?

If your existing PPC campaign is not producing optimal results don’t worry, our PPC experts can analyze your existing campaign and optimize the campaign by providing the best solutions that fit your marketing needs and budget. We can further analyze your requirements suggesting better and new PPC opportunities that compliment your marketing objectives.

Our SET team will research and monitor:

  • Restructuring campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • URL
  • Landing pages
  • Ad copy
  • Site links
  • Contextual targeting
  • Geo-target settings
  • Re-marketing campaigns
  • Conversion optimization

Relax, we have your PPC campaign under control.