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WordPress Experts

We’re WordPress web designers.

As a WordPress agency, we plan, design, build and support hard-working websites that win our clients new business. All our sites are bespoke builds and do exactly what you need. Our projects range from smaller brochure-style sites all the way up to large corporate websites.

Better content management.

if you’ve ever battled with formatting and adding content to your website, our approach to design and build will enable you to manage your content easily. We build fully bespoke post and page templates that are based around the content you need to publish on your site. This gives you a selection of ‘module’ to construct your pages from and makes adding, reordering and maintaining your content really easy.

Project Management

Website projects can be complex so it’s important to know that you are in safe hands. We manage all our website projects using Basecamp, a cloud-based management app that allows all communication and files to be shared across the whole team.

In-house experience

We make a point of only taking on projects that we can complete 100% in-house with our own team. This means no freelancers, outsourcing or off-shore developers.

Serious about SEO.

Search engine optimisation runs through the entire planning, design and build process. From the initial wireframes and site structure to the design and eventual build, we bring important SEO considerations into every stage. It’s no longer enough to just publish content on your site in the hope it ranks in the search. Structure and internal linking play a huge part in helping Google to understand your content and what you should be ranking for. We’ll get your SEO right for launch and then help you to maintain existing ranking and win new keywords that will bring more visitors and more new business enquiries.

Clever creative.

Designing websites takes in far more than just the look and feel. It’s vitally important to get the information architecture of your site correct before we start colouring anything in. Wireframes, prototypes and content planning all influence the design of your site and are equally, if not more important, than what it looks like. We don’t start on design concepts until we’ve fully explored and planned-out the structure of your pages. Your content and how you want the visitor to use your pages then informs the design of the site.

Bespoke build.

Here at Toast, we don’t use any off-the-shelf themes for larger website projects. You’ll get your own website on your own theme – created just for you from Toast’s own boilerplate theme – a lightweight starter theme that we’ve refined over the last decade. The benefit of this approach is that it’s ultra lightweight and amazingly fast and we only add in what we need for your site. This helps to keep the final site quick to load and improves your SEO potential.

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